Natural Medicine for Typhus

Natural Medicine Typhus - Natural cures typhoid or typhoid illness in Natural medicine, natural treatment solutions for diseases typhoid or typhus with natural medicine, this is a jelly gamat gold-g.

At a glance information about the disease typhoid or typhus Typhus is a disease of bacterial infection of the small intestine and occasionally in blood flow caused by the bacteria Salmonella typhi or Salmonella paratyphi A, B and C, but this can also cause gastroenteritis (food poisoning) and septicemia (not attacking the intestines).

Symptoms of typhoid disease is usually:

1. Anorexia (appetite loss)
2. feeling lazy
3. Headache front
4. muscle pain
5. tongue dirty
6. Upset stomach

Prevention of typhoid disease

Typhoid disease can be transmitted through food and drink contaminated with typhoid germs, Salmonella typhosa, feces, or urine from patients with typhoid. If you frequently suffer from this disease, most likely food or drink that you consume contaminated with bacteria. Avoid snacks on the roadside in advance, or eggs cooked chicken, the chicken skin contaminated with feces containing the typhoid bacteria.

Treatment solution and cure of typhoid or typhus quickly and naturally with natural cures typhoid Jelly Gamat Gold-g The story of recovering from typhoid/typhoid by consuming Jelly Gamat Gold-G. Jelly Gamat Gold-G Sea Cucumber is a natural remedy or it could be said as well as traditional medicine typhoid, follows the story of recovering from the disease typhoid/typhus.
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