Benefits Of Young Areca Nut Juice for Health

Young Areca nut juice is one of the beverages for cure the premature ejaculation in man, this benefits of young areca nut, the bitter taste of fruit, of course not everyone can afford to eat it.

What if we made ​​a remarkable juice, besides being a drug when in regular consumption, it also becomes sweet as we drank other fruit juice. Let us continue to make it.

How to make Areca nut juice:

1. 2-6 pieces of areca nut, not a lot, when most, your head will headache, nausea, such as seasickness, etc.. Slightly, but the routine is better than less but consume a lot and it just torture you.

2. Honey as you like, You know yourself rather than properties of honey.

3. Sweetened condensed milk.

4. 1 whole chicken egg, if you want a 2 point will do.

And use the following tool:

- Blender, just a blender.

Combine honey 1-2 tablespoons and milk to taste you into a blender. then you take the egg and use just the egg yolks, mix the egg yolks into a blender, And the last step split areca nuts by cleavage of the base of the fruit until the end of the fruit, or vice versa.

Then take the contents of young areca nuts and mix with other ingredients, such as egg yolks, milk, honey, then enter the cooking water as much as one large glass into a blender and then blend, may add ice, according to taste. Lets enjoy your juice
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