5 Men Muscle that Loved by Woman

5 Men Muscle Loved by Woman - Women do like men who muscled in the abdomen. But the belly "Six Pack" is not the only part visible. Each woman may have the muscle to be her favorite, but the fifth part of this muscle is frequently observed from men.
1. Abdominal muscles

Tall and strapping may be the first thing seen from the physical man, but if your stomach like a pile of fat, then its appeal is much reduced. Women will think, still young it was muscular, how for 10 years letter :).

2. Forearm

Muscular forearms that can be perceived as a strong man, and could do anything, including minor repair work at home.

3. Buttocks

Women also saw the buttocks of a man to know the man's physical activity levels. If you are fit and love sports, usually the buttocks will look high and tight. Conversely, if you do more sit and laze around, looked sagging buttocks and down.

4. A sturdy shoulder

Shoulder is where women rely on men. Regular exercise will make it look solid and make the overall physical appearance more masculine.

5. The Biceps

In a survey conducted by "Cosmopolitan U.S. magazine", revealed 1 in 5 women admitted that: he will add to the biceps a plus for men he knew.
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