Cough Causes and Treatment Tips

Cough Causes is one of the defense system to remove foreign objects from the body. But, of course there is also a cough which is a symptom of serious illness. Substitution of the rainy season to dry season easily makes us cough. It was excruciating if the cough has been attacked. No wonder so many people think of coughing as a symptom of a disease that must be addressed.

Parents of children stricken with cough would immediately try to find drugs to treat cough. In fact, according to Dr. dr. H. Muljono Wirjodiardjo, SP.A, Ph.D, is not always a bad cough. "Coughing does not always need an enemy, because physiologically, coughing is actually one of the body's defense mechanism," said Muljono. That must be considered is the cause of cough and cough occurred in what circumstances.

Cough occurs in the airways, which is divided into the upper airway and lower airway. When an interruption occurs in the upper airway, for example, then the body will form a defense mechanism by sneezing or coughing. While disturbances in the lower airway will usually make the body do with the cough reflex.

Judging from the mechanism, coughing and sneezing have mechanisms similar to breathing, which is inhaling (inspiration) and exhale (expiration). "Coughing is actually a burst or blast expiration, so even sneeze. The difference, if coughing, very short time and the air coming out of the lungs very quickly, while inspiration can be set, would slow or fast."

The air that comes out of the lungs caused by coughing will make everything that inhibits the airway wasted out. "Especially the foreign body, fluid, or mucus, the airways become so clean. Therefore, it is necessary sometimes cough to throw all that clog the airways. The dangerous precisely when objects that block the airway can not be issued through the mechanism of cough," said child lung specialists of Bintaro RSI is continuing.
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