Iodoquinol, Treat Infection of Protozoa

Iodoquinol belongs to a group of drugs called antiprotozoals, which is a drug used to treat infections caused by protozoa. Iodoquinol most commonly used in the treatment of intestinal infection called amebiasis.

However, it can be used to treat other types of infections as determined by your doctor. Iodoquinol only available by prescription.


Iodoquinol also used in certain patients with parasitic infections following:
Amebiasis, extraintestinal or invasive (amebiasis infection occurred outside the intestine) Balantidiasis (infections caused by protozoa)

For patients taking this medicine for extraintestinal or invasive amebiasis infection should take iodoquinol along with metronidazole as directed. This product is available in tablet dosage forms.


For amebiasis:
Adults: 630 or 650 mg three times daily for twenty days.
Children: Dose is based on body weight and must be determined by your doctor. The usual dose is 10 to 13.3 mg per kg (4.5 - 6 mg per pound) body weight, three times a day for twenty days.

Side effects

Nausea or vomiting
Stomach pain

Sources: MayoClinic
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