"Green Sport" Good for Mental Health

Green sport good for mental health - a research said that sport during 5 minutes in garden or in the green room can increase the heart happiness, and mental heath. This study was publish in American chemical Society, Journal environmental science and technology.

In the study, professor Jules Pretty and Jo Barton from Interdisciplinary centre for environment and society, Department of biological science university of Essex england said: that done the physic in park (green open room) can decrease the mental disease risk and can increase the health.

According to researcher, until now not body know, how long must spent the time for sport in the green park that have effect to health.

Activity is quite diverse and simple, like walking, gardening, cycling, fishing, horseback riding and farming. The biggest health changes occur in young people and those with mental disorders, although people of all ages and social groups also benefited.

According to researchers, all green natural environment that can provide benefits, including parks in urban areas.

"We know that mental health improvement in the short term will provide long-term benefits of health protection. So we believe that there will be huge benefits for individuals, communities and health services if all groups of people want to treat yourself with a green sport," added Barton.
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