Warning Danger of HPV Vaccine

Warning Danger of HPV Vaccine - Currently, parents are warned about the vaccine on their site.

According to the Natural News Magazine, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approved the vaccine Gardasil for the American market in 2006 and February 2009, more than 40 million doses have been distributed worldwide.
Warning Danger of HPV Vaccine
Gardasil is a vaccine that should prevent cervical cancer caused by human papilloma virus (HPV). The virus is spread through sexual intercourse or skin contacts.

According www.Truthaboutgardasil.org site, thousands of girls who received 1-3 injections of the vaccine have reported severe side effects, such as seizures, stroke, autoimmune disease (a disease caused by antibodies attacking the body's own cells), chronic fatigue, hair loss, chest pain , weak muscles, menstrual cycle changes, blurred vision, loss of hearing, and paralysis. Deaths have also been reported after receiving the vaccine

Marian Greene initiator site, a mother daughter suffered adverse reactions to vaccines. Greene hopes the site will help raise awareness of the dangers of Gardasil and other vaccines in general. By sharing experiences and news of this vaccine induced injury, he hopes to soon get rid of the vaccine from the market.

In Sweden, parents do the movement against Gardasil. Ann-Britt Axelsdotter from Gothenburg to make a site: Mothers Against Gardasil (Mothers Against Gardasil). He decided to do this, after he received a letter offering Gardasil ads on teenage daughter.

Other countries also follow

"Some parents in the Netherlands, Britain and Australia are concerned about this issue, wanted to give a more in-depth information about the vaccine and are contained in it," said Axelsdotter told The Epoch Times.

He fears that the vaccine has been approved yet well tested and cause many side effects on young women around the world.

"There are no studies that show how long the vaccine is effective, which means that young women should get an injection of additional serum at the age of teens. If you are already infected with HPV, cervical cancer risk actually increases if you were given the vaccine, "said Axelsdotter.

Axelsdotter say that modern vaccines made from recombinant DNA (DNA engineering), which means it contains substances that can penetrate the protective blood brain causing severe injury. HPV vaccines are not tested are carcinogenic (cancer-causing substance) or not.

He criticized the marketing and distribution of HPV vaccines are very fast in the Western world.

"Pharmaceutical companies are very intense lobbying in every country, and now they think the vaccine will become part of the current child vaccination program. So also in Sweden."

He also warned expensive vaccines are not necessary.

"HPV vaccine is the most expensive vaccine ever marketed, regardless of the fact if studies show that most HPV infections can be completed entirely by themselves, and the vaccine has a potential health risk. This has been submitted Dr. Diane Harper, a leading researcher in the field. "

In Sweden, there are two HPV vaccines are available: Gardasil from Sanofi Pasteur, and Cervarix from GlaxoSmithKline.

All Swedish girls between the ages of 9-12 are alleged to have given the HPV vaccine in early January 2010. However, there is a legal dispute that is being debated between Sanofi Pasteur (retailers Merck) and GlaxoSmithKline, about the process of determining where the vaccine should be invested by the government of Sweden, close Axelsdotter.
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