Civilize Behavior of Healthy Living

Civilize Behavior of Healthy Living - Health is a human right everyone, including children. To avoid various diseases mainly affecting children, as parents should you have to instill healthy behavior since childhood.

Teach children to live a healthy life should be inculcated early on. These healthy habits will make the future generation to remain healthy.

Informing the importance of personal hygiene and taking care of themselves become part of parents to teach children in infancy. If taught early, children will be accustomed to keeping their environment clean and maintain their health.

Health experts dr. Handrawan Nadesul said that culture shaped the behavior of healthy living since childhood. Health education starts from how healthy habit is formed. ne of the culture of healthy lifestyle behaviors is an important early inculcated from childhood is washing hands with soap (CTPS).

"CPTS can prevent more than ten types of fecal-oral diseases (through hand to mouth) include diarrhea," said Handrawan in an opportunity in Jakarta.

Currently, diarrhea has become the second highest cause of death in children after respiratory illnesses or pnuemonia. In one of the most important effort to prevent diarrhea is CTPS action. Based on research studies by Curtis V. Cairncross, wash hands with soap can reduce the risk of diarrhea by 47%.

According to dr. Handrawan, activities - activities CTPS must be a people's culture and needs to be done each time after doing the activity using the hands. If HWWS a culture will have an impact on the level of public health.

In addition to the field of health, culture CTPS also have an impact on the field of education because of diarrhea causing children frequently do not attend school. Research abroad shows CTPS important to help reduce school attendance of about 42%.

In Indonesia, the results of research non-governmental organizations (NGOs) spectra of 550 students in 11 districts in East Java with the behavior of washing hands with soap, especially before eating to reduce the level of absenteeism due to sick child diarrhea up to 11%. [mor]
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