Burn Fat Faster While Walking

Burn Fat Faster While Walking - Although exercise often walk considered "less challenging", but you can burn more fat if you know how. You do not even need to make an effort too hard.

Avoid steep climb
Do not assume that walking in the streets and steep uphill better at burning calories. "Better to keep your speed on the climb that was rather than slowing down at a steeper incline," says Mark Fenton, author of The Complete Guide to Walking.

Swing your arm
When walking, we arm automatically swings to the rhythm of our steps. Swing your arms are bent with gusto. Besides can make you run faster, also burn more calories, according to Lee Scott, coach of the road and the director of WoW Power Walking in Toronto.

Take small steps
The best way to increase calorie burning pace and is taking steps shorter and faster, clearly Scott. Walk the 100 steps, and then restore themselves for one minute. Stepping back 100 steps, and then try to reduce the time break of five seconds of your time. Repeat 12 times.

Set the destination point
Therese Iknoian, author of Fitness jogging Walking, advise you to select the bookmark (eg stop sign, park benches, etc.) and speed up your steps until you reach the goal. Then walk more slowly for the same distance.

Involve the calf muscle
When you set foot foot front, put out your legs as if she were to clean chewing gum from the soles of your shoes, says Iknoian. This will make the calf, hamstring (muscles along the back of the thigh to the back of the knee), and buttocks muscles go to work. The more muscle you use, the more calories you burn.

Choose the right shoes
To obtain the greatest strength of the repulsion of your feet, choose footwear with a little cushion, but with the front of the shoe that is flexible or pliable, said Fenton.

Standing tall
When your body in a straight position, back and buttocks muscles are able to work more powerful, so you can run faster and burn more calories. Stand up straight, stretch your back muscles with the spine straight. Make sure your ears and shoulders are also aligned with the hips.

Increase heart rate
When you wear a heart rate monitor, you can act as a personal trainer who keeps you to step into the optimal fat burning speed. "That gives you a boost when you step too slow, but also slow you down if you push too hard," said Iknoian.

Add your strengths
Simple movements such as push-ups and lunge cause more muscle work for the main combustion, it is clear Harley Pasternak, personal trainer of celebrities (including Hilary Duff). When you walk, stop every five minutes and do the push-up or lunge for one minute. This additional strength will help you launch your metabolism in the long term. Quoted from [KOMPAS.com]
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