Want Success Diet, Start at age 28!

success diet
Success Diet - The success in weight loss is influenced by many factors. Research shows, the age factor could be influencing the success of the diet, particularly among women.

The survey, conducted Lambrini Light beverage company in the UK states, female dieters who succeed are those who started the slimming program at the age of 28 years.
Women in age 20s believed to be able to quickly erode the fat from her body, because they have more time and a strong willingness to woman in other age. Women in their age:20s, are also relatively more concerned about weight and stay focused on the goal to reduce the number of scales.

Meanwhile, women who started in the 30s, are often too busy and had no time considering her weight. While at the age of 40 and 50's, the women have lost the passion to create beautiful body.

Research was also noted, the women who perform two types of diet or health habits last year, to pocket an average of Rp 1.9 million for the program slimming and fitness club. However, nearly three-quarters admit one diet in which they live ended without result.

"Therefore, women marry more late, most of them are aged 28 are still single, still dating and became active in social life. This is what explains why they become so successful in maintaining health and body shape," said Sue Beck of Lambrini Light.
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