Balanced Nutrition, Prevent Diabetes Complications

Balanced Nutrition - Diabetes is a chronic disease that spend a lot of cost. The increase in blood sugar levels are uncontrolled and persistent can cause damage to small blood vessels and large blood vessels that lead to vision problems to heart disease and stroke.

Environmental factors related to lifestyle such as lack of exercise and excessive nutrient intake and obesity are factors that can be repaired.

There is no doubt that nutrition is an important factor for the occurrence of 'diabetic type-2'. Lifestyle westernized and relaxed living and long life expectancy are factors that increase the prevalence of diabetes.

Here are some suggestions of balanced nutrition which is related to the prevention of diabetes, among others:

Eat a variety of foods
None of the types of foods that contain all the nutrients that can make a person healthy and productive life. Therefore, everyone including people with diabetes need to eat a variety of foods.

Eat to meet energy sufficiency
In order to carry out everyday activities, such as working, studying, exercising and other activities, everyone needs to eat enough food energy, not lack and not excessive. Adequacy of energy characterized by normal weight. Therefore, to achieve and maintain normal weight.

Eat carbohydrate source
Most of the energy needs (choose complex carbohydrates and fiber, limit simple carbohydrates are refined. There are three groups of complex carbohydrates, simple, and fiber.
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