Beware of Foot Bone Disease

Beware of Foot Bone Disease - Leg Bone Disease may sound strange to our ears, because if we hear the word bone, we only know about bone loss, or better known as osteoporosis.

But you need to know, the foot bone disease is also dangerous for your health, especially for you who have advanced age. Why? Because the leg bone disease can cause paralysis. So beware of early bone disease leg.

Recognize early

Surely you do not want this disease is not it? For that recognize the signs of this disease early.

1. Sprain
2. Fracture
3. Arthritis
4. Nekrois aseptic
5. Pain in the cartilage
6. Stiff joints when you wake up and people are very difficult to move and activity

This foot bone disease usually attacks in people who have more than 45 years of age due to calcium in the body has been slightly reduced in number, if you find the above symptoms consult your doctor as soon as possible.

The cause of leg bone disease include the following:

1. Likes to wear high heels, since legs will stand not as it should, but legs like a tiptoe through the back heel lifted and cause the leg had to restrain him.

2. Do not like to consume calcium. Most women do not like milk, the reason they are a weight problem, even though milk production may increase the calcium in your body.

Another fact you need to know, that bone disease affects women more vulnerable than men. You can eat low-fat milk to increase calcium in your body.

3. Inflammation of the bone. Other causes that arise because of the occurrence of uric acid in the body.
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