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BackBone Care - Spinal pain is often ignored. In fact, once the main supporting bone of the body was disturbed, pain attacks and impaired productivity. Not surprising considering the spine is a dynamic object that holds the load of each of our activity.

Later, Andi often disturbed pain in his left. The result of the scan at the hospital turned out to have bearing prominent in the neck so that pinch nerves. "The pain disappeared arise," he said.

The doctor suggested that the defective part is replaced with implants. However, he was worried because many people who say the high risk in a series of spine surgery. Hesitate to risk the operation, pain was forced to hold-resistant.

As two-legged creature that stands upright, the human spine is an extremely vital organ as it works to sustain weight loss. Spine bone covering the neck (cervical), the middle back (thoracic), and lower back (lumbar/waist).

The series of spine divided into segments and between segments of the joints and bearings are composed of layers of structure. Serves to protect the bearings so that in between the bones do not clash.

The muscles that support the spine helpful.

Spine surgeons from the Spine Center Hospital Ramsay Premier Bintaro, Lutfi Gatam, say, the load on the spine while sitting, working, and carrying enormous loads. Lightest load spine only when we sleep.

Complaints most disorders of the spine is generally in the form of pain on the bottom (low back pain).

"Complaints are dominant because most of our body weight fall at the bottom so easily injured," Lutfi said, while giving exposure in the Kompas daily of "Spinal Problems", last week.

Causes of spinal disorders include muscle disorders, broken bones, bearing a damaged (broken/torn), interference with the joint or a mixture of several factors for tumors, cancer, and infections.

In people with normal spinal structures, spinal problems often caused by the activity of motion and posture.

Risk factors that, for example, repetitive heavy lifting, bending, and excessive movement. Static posture, such as sitting too long, is also a risk factor. Overworked muscle contraction and occurs continuously so there is a complaint.

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