High Caffeine Drinks Disturb Intelligence

High Caffeine Drinks Disturb Intelligence
High Caffeine Drinks Disturb Intelligence - In moderation, caffeine can indeed increase the concentration, making us more alert and able to run through difficult challenges. However, these benefits continue to decrease along with the large number of caffeine consumption.

Energy drinks, which typically contain high concentrations of caffeine, the drink excessively will make the body become sleepy as the effects of alcoholic beverages.
In one study, students who were given low doses of caffeinated drinks (equivalent to half a can of energy drink), has a high response on test results that require rapid response on a computer screen.

But when the dose of caffeine-enhanced, they would respond slowly. The participants in the study also said that mentally feel over-stimulation and sleepy after drinking.

"Not a few energy drinks that also contain alcohol. Therefore, if consumed in excessive amounts can adversely effect cognitive function and reduced vigilance," said Cecile A. Marczinski, researchers from Northern Kentucky University.

Research conducted on 80 students aged 18-40 years. To determine the effects of caffeine, the participants were given energy drinks and the rest were given non-caffeine drinks.

Excessive consumption of these drinks can also cause heart was beating very fast due to the caffeine intake exceeds the recommended amount.
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