Heart Attack Symptoms in Women are Different

Heart Attack Symptoms in Women are Different | Chest pain is one of the great heart attack symptom is the most popular. But apparently the symptoms were only experienced by men only. Heart attack symptoms in women are different.

In a study of more than one million women aged less than 55 years found that 42 percent of respondents who ever had a heart attack have no symptoms of chest pain. Meanwhile, the group of men, only 30 percent who do not feel chest pain.

In general, the incidence of heart attacks in women are much less than in men. But the heart attack suffered by women younger than 55 years can be fatal. About 14 percent of women die from the disease at that age.

Research conducted by collecting data from 1,000 hospitals, found the typical symptoms of a heart attack in women. Symptoms include discomfort in the chest, pain spreading to the back, abdomen or arms, and feeling dizzy head.

Cathy Ross, cardiac disease nurse from the British Heart Foundation, said the young woman who suffered heart attacks relatively rare. "Heart attacks are not always dramatic, different symptoms in each person. There is a severe chest pain, but there is also a sense of mild pain," he said.

Therefore, patients often choose to defer to the doctor because it is not considered an emergency condition. In fact, according to Ross, the handling is faster it will increase the chances of recovery.

Although the death rate from heart attacks are now increasingly be suppressed, but health workers and patients should be aware that women can also have a heart attack while not feel chest pain.
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