2 Signs of Stroke Attack

2 Signs of Stroke Attack - Stroke is a dangerous disease that can cause death of brain cells. The cause of stroke could be due to a blockage in blood vessels and the presence of a ruptured blood vessel.

Early detection of stroke symptoms is the key to prevent someone falling on a more fatal condition such as paralysis or even death. Therefore, if you have or see one or more signs of a stroke like this, immediately consult a doctor:

1. Sudden numbness or weakness in the face, arm, or leg - especially on one side of the body.

People with stroke will usually have a form of mouth "does not mean" alias oblique. Also need to be aware when they (suspected stroke) had difficulty moving the arm or finger control. For example, when lifting both hands, right hand higher than the other.

2. Sudden confusion and trouble speaking.

Language problem is one of the signs of the most common type of stroke. A person who suffered a sudden stroke may experience problems when they talk. In fact, some of which also decreased comprehension. Ask him (suspected stroke) to repeat a simple sentence to you, for example: "I went to the store today." If he has difficulty repeating the words she could be having a stroke.
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