Ripe Tomatoes Slows Cancer

Ripe tomatoes Slows Cancer - Lycopene, the giver of red color in tomatoes, has long been known health benefits. But the greatest usefulness is slow, and even kill cancer cells.

Research on the benefits of lycopene was carried out by Dr.Mridula Chopra and his team from the University of Portsmouth. They found lycopene works by inhibiting the blood supply that is food for cancer cells so the cells can not grow, even death.

Ripe Tomatoes Slows Cancer. Now researchers will soon test whether the same reaction will be found on cancer cells in the human body. "The mechanism of cancer-fighting that simple can we get if we consume ripe tomatoes," said Dr.Chopra.

Lycopene is actually generally found in red fruits and vegetables, but the highest concentrations found in tomatoes. Lycopene also be more easily absorbed and biologically active, if lightly tomatoes cooked with a little oil.

Chopra asserted that the new research conducted at the laboratory is limited. "Even so laboratory evidence is very clear, lycopene can easily damage the mechanism of cancer cells alive," said researcher whose research was published in the British Journal of Nutrition.

Cancer cells over many years could "sleep" until they are triggered by chemical substances and then grow. Cancer cells divide and grow uncontrollably with nearby normal cells. In addition, this cell will affect the function and normal cell growth because it competes for nutrients that fight over there.

In laboratory studies, lycopene was capable of damaging relations with the nutrition of the cancer cells so that he can not grow.

Another important thing is this mechanism appears mainly due to lycopene in prostate cancer tend to congregate in the prostate tissue. In addition, please note also that lycopene is needed to fight cancer is different in each individual.
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