4 Ways to Use Medication Safely

4 Ways to Use Medication Safely - Drug can cure, but can also be toxic to your body. Therefore, the use of drugs can not be used arbitrarily and should only be administered by parties who are competent in their field.

Although there are several types of medications you can take without a prescription, does not mean that you can use it freely. Keep in mind, any kind of drugs have dangerous side effects if the use does not comply with the dose and the applicable rules.

To ensure there are no errors in the use of drugs that may be fatal to your health, here are 4 ways to safely use a drug, as quoted by the website Caring.com:

1. Make preparations

Make a list of prescription medications, and supplements such as vitamins, minerals, or herbs that you and your family need. Keep a copy of the drug list, and update it regularly.

2. Perform a review

At least once a year you should consult a GP or a specialist to discuss the types of drugs that you consume. This is to ensure no adverse reactions that occur when taking different drugs simultaneously, get the right dose, make sure the drug in accordance with the age and condition.

3. Consult the pharmacist

When buying medicines to the pharmacy, it would not hurt if you see a pharmacist and talk about the benefits and side effects of medications that you will buy. Pharmacists sometimes easier to explain to you rather than talk to your doctor. A pharmacist also have enough knowledge to explain about drug interactions. So if you have a chance, ask your pharmacist to review the list of drugs that you consume, for safety's sake.

4. When in the hospital, be proactive both before and after surgery.

Before surgery, ask your doctor whether there are certain drugs that are not allowed to consume. After that, when doctors and nurses want to give you a prescription medicine, ask them (assuming you are aware) to illustrate the usefulness of drugs and what effect they provide. If you have not realized in the long term (post surgery), asking for help to the people closest to you to do that for you.

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