This Pregnancy Cravings Eat Newspapers

This Pregnancy Cravings Eat Newspapers - Cravings is one thing that experienced by many pregnant women. Usually they want something that had never desired before pregnancy.

Pregnant women from Dendee, England named Ann Curran was also felt cravings. But the desire of craving is unusual. He was craving to eat paper.

Newspaper that she wanted to eat was not any type of paper. 35 year-old woman just wants to eat Dundee Evening Telegraph newspaper.

"Only the paper that tastes good," Ann said as reported by the Sunday Sun, Sunday (02/19/2012).

Ann was so crazy about the newspaper. To the extent that he kept a few sheets of paper in her purse when she suddenly want to snack while walking or shopping.

"I could have sat in a hallway and tore the sheet from the newspaper. People who saw me was wondering, why me," she said.

Before the weekend arrived, Ann also save quite a lot of sheets of newspaper in his home. It was that he had plenty of snacks on the weekend newspapers.

"My friends keep their papers for me. But I have to buy it again for the stock on the weekends," she added.
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