Diabetes Drugs Safe to Use, But ....

Diabetes Drugs Safe to Use, But ....

When patients with diabetes have set meals and doing enough exercise, but blood sugar is still not under control, it would require the help of drugs to increase insulin secretion or reduce insulin resistance.

There are a variety of diabetes medications, either oral or injection. At oral medication usually begins with a relatively small dose and then increased gradually if necessary.

As with other drugs that are not free from side effects, as well as for diabetes medication. These side effects can occur if the drug is given too much or individual reaction. Some recent studies even indicate a link between diabetes drug to increased risk of cancer.

"All drugs have side effects. Therefore, after the drug was released, there is the so-called post surveillance," said Dr. Ronald Hukom Sp.PD-KHOM, internal medicine physicians who are also experts in the cancer field when asked for his opinion on the use of diabetes medications that can trigger cancer.

Ronald says, post surveillance is defined as supervision of medication that has been widely circulated and approved by the competent authority, to be seen how far the side effects that may result from the drug in the long term. In Indonesia, surveillance is conducted in a rigorous and documented by the Food and Drug Supervisory Agency (BPOM).

Ronald rate, people do not have to worry related to the findings that suggest the risk of the use of diabetes medications such as metformin, insulin and sulfonylureas on the development of pancreatic cancer. Because according to him, as long as can keep the dose and handled by an expert, the drug would not be harmful.

"Drugs are good for diabetes drugs metformin and cheap. Proof is not an attractive drug regulatory authorities and refer to this dangerous drug," said the doctor who practiced daily in Dharmais Cancer Hospital Jakarta.

Even though there are side effects, but if the risk is much smaller than the benefits it does not need to worry about.
"No need to worry about being watched and used along with the correct dose,"
he added.

Ronald also recommended that any physician providing information to patients about drug side effects that may result if used in a long time. This is so that patients can also use it with reasonable limits.

"If you are still worried, consult your doctor who gave drugs. Because the side effects of drugs on each person is different," he explained.

According to Ronald, each drug has harmful side effects if in its consumer does not follow procedures. He took the example of the use of chemotherapy drugs. Chemotherapy drugs can be categorized as a dangerous drug because it can cause cancer.

"That is, after several years of chemotherapy drugs a person can get cancer. But with the proper dose and appropriate, it will not harm," he said.

Meanwhile, Dr. Rianto Setiabudy, SpFK (K), Professor of the Department of Pharmacology and Therapeutics, Faculty of Medicine, University of Indonesia said, bardasarkan existing literature, he never found any data showing that the use of diabetes drugs trigger dangerous side effects.

"We have here the POM. If something is harmful to society, POM must act," he said.

But according to Riyanto, these drugs may still be dangerous if taken alone in its use (self medicine) - without consulting your doctor.

"It's not my intention to send someone to the doctor. But diabetes drugs that includes prescription drugs. If used without supervision it can be dangerous," he said

He also called for the public to avoid the habit of treating the disease itself. "If a mild disease may not be anything. But if such as diabetes, hypertension and heart, they should see a doctor," added Riyanto.
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