Tips Safe Eating Instant Noodles

Instant noodles sold in the streets once rumored to be mixed with formalin made​​. Noodles (example: chicken noodle) sold in the streets too often using materials that harm the health, well the material itself or sauce noodles and other ingredients that exist in the noodles.

Formalin itself is very dangerous if inhaled, the skin and swallowed. The impact may include burns to the skin, respiratory tract irritation, allergic reactions and cancer hazard in humans.

Some makers also add noodles dye synthesis to make instant noodles are made ​​more attractive to look at. these dyes in foods can cause damage to the liver.

Not to mention the fact that the instant noodles that we've encountered is clearly containing a candle to 'preserve' crispy noodles itself. Evidence that the waxy material found in instant noodles can be seen when the boil instant noodles are the clumps that settle to the boiling water.

Instant noodles are a source of carbohydrate. Eating noodles as much as 100 grams is about 400 calories of energy that can meet the energy needs of adult total of about 2000 calories per day. Fibers contained in the noodle is a bit of protein, fat, minerals (calcium, phosphorus and Fe).

Well, that's what needs to be aware before you consume it themselves. Safe is to make their own noodles.

Besides, There is the assumption that the noodles are less fiber. "For that need to be multiplied protein, like eggs and do not add preservatives and food coloring," said restaurant manager in rungut, who has managed the restaurant since 2007.

In addition, if you make your own noodles, he also gives advice to after it is created directly included in the refrigerator, and not keep it for too long. "Maybe today make, must have consumed the next day was," said restaurant manager who also have children of customers who are fanatical.

"When I want to be eaten, should also be added to vegetables, eggs, chicken or meatballs add more variety to keep getting adequate nutrition," added the manager of the restaurant which also has a menu mainstay Penyet mob (penyetan empal, chicken, bakwan, shrimp tempeh, tofu , eggplant and fresh vegetables with a mortar jumbo sized 30cm).

At the end of the meeting he also appealed to consumers not to use indiscriminate sauce, "Do not give Instant noodles with tomato sauce or chili sauce are sold cheaply on the market."

So from now on, do not be afraid to eat noodles, advice and tips from Mr. Stevent above is all you have to consider, may be useful.
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