Clean and Healthy Lifestyle

Clean and Healthy Lifestyle - Most of the world does not know how clean and healthy life style, so that raises his evil viruses who makes us a dangerous disease. Consuming vitamin - vitamin in the body is also important to keep the body immune to malicious viruses.

The ways of healthy living:

1. wash hands before eating, and when handling something that have germs

2. lots of water flush after urinating or large

3. wash body using soap and rinse with water until clean

4. planting lots of plants around the house to impress beautiful and cool

5. clean the places where dusty or dirty

6. broom floor every two days so the house clean

7. when performing activities at home do not forget to throw garbage at her place

8. the right foods in a cool place, so who does not occupy the bacteria in food

9. Wash fruits and vegetables so that the inherent germ is gone, it is the most healthy way of life. Hopefully it's useful in our life.
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