The Characteristics of a Healthy Breast

The characteristics of a Healthy Breast - Beautiful breast shape is important, but far more important if the breast is also healthy. Healthy breasts that means must be free of disease, especially breast cancer and functioning correctly. How do the characteristics of healthy breast?
Breast structure owned

by women is very complex. In addition consists of fat and connective tissue, breast milk also contains channels, blood vessels, lymph nodes and the structure known as the lobes and lobules.

Each breast has 12 to 20 parts of lobules (milk-producing glands at the end of the lobe) and duct (milk ducts). Around the nipple, each duct widens to form a sac (ampulla).

The characteristics of a Healthy Breast According Womenshealth

1. Breast tissue under the skin feel soft and no bulges or bumps.
2. When touched, breasts feel there is nodular or fibrous.
3. Putting harder but symmetrical and smooth
4. The size of both breasts symmetrical but if there is a difference between the right and left were still normal.
5. Not feel pain or tenderness when touching the breast
6. The shape is tight (no loose or fallen down).
7. The position of the breast should be facing slightly upward at an angle of approximately 20-45 degrees
8. Nipple color depending on skin pigment has, for example if the nipple is usually white, pink, but if your skin is somewhat dark brown nipples.

Still present in breast tissue that a person can change depending on the age and phase of life, such as the menstrual cycle. And consumption of drugs or hormones can also affect breast tissue.[World Health Medicine]

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