Rare skin infection, caused by Tato

Rare skin infection, caused by Tato - A rare bacterial infection and resistance to antibiotics found in two people that justdo tattoos. According to the Centers of Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), the infection usually found in people who suffer from immune system disorders.

Bacterial infections of the skin was triggered by the bacterium Mycobacterium haemophilium that are still one family with the bacteria that cause tuberculosis and leprosy. Symptoms of illness include a small swelling at the site of infection, redness, pain, swelling, and peeling.
Because the disease is relatively rare, tattoo enthusiasts are asked not to worry. However, encouraged to choose a tattoo that gave priority to hygiene and the use of sterile equipment.

Meagen Kay from the CDC revealed: the bacteria that infected, probably because the skin is injured by a tattoo needle because both men have a normal immune system. As is known, the skin is a bulwark against infection.

Bacterial infections are also resistant to various antibiotics including ordinary. Healing time was reached a month. (M05-11)

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  1. It has been noticed in many cases when the people go for a tattoo on there body there may be certain skin infection due to the chemicals used for tattoo.Therefore before going for tattooing a person should test a small area of body so as to diagnose about the allergic reaction .

  2. Sometimes due to the contacts of certain chemical in skin a burning sensation can also be realized on skin this is due to the allergic reaction from chemicals.
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  3. Ok if you need to get rid of them you have to get rid of the dead skin, they feed on it. I use digestive enzymes on my skin, keep it out of your hair it dissolves dead skin, your hair and nails are dead skin. Mix it with water and some glycerin. Take some niacin at the same time, they will start coming out like crazy. For your hair use selenium, tea tree oil and jojoba oil. You can get selenium supplements in capsule form and add it to your shampoo or lotion. If you have it in your nose or sinuses use collidal silver nasal spray. If your feet are crusty the digestive enzymes you can get at the store will work. The niacin cleans it from the inside out and the enzymes take off the dead skin. Also, you may have some issues with fungus, which may cause the itching too, the selenium will help. If you can't get any relief you can try to pour hydrogen peroxide and some borax in the bath. Clean your floors with enzymes or borax, vaccum a lot if you have carpet. Keep dust to a minimum. You don't have to throw away pillows, just put them in the dryer on high heat. Wash clothing in hot water. After you are free don't reinfect yourself with ex-lovers or family members or treat them too. skin infection

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