Coffee Powder Can Prevent Cancer Risk

Coffee Powder Can Prevent Cancer Risk - One more research show that coffee is the plant that have many benefits for our health. Latest research in America has identified that drink coffee or even use the coffee powder in skin can prevent skin from cancer risk.

The research that done by Dr Allan conney from rutgers university in new jersey AS has showed, caffeine in coffee can help prevent appear the skin cancer, non-melanoma by kill cells that broke and possible to be tumor.

Many research before have identified that drink a cup of coffee contain caffeine every day have effect to press the enzim ATR and trigger the dead of cells that broke by shine of UV shine.

Conney and his team able confirm their hypothesis that coffee which contain caffeine (drink or use in skin) able work to prevent the ATR. the next research needed for looking how the same theory may also for human benefits.

"we want to see, is caffeine have effect at human, if gave by scale," said conney, that publish his research in journal Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences.

And then he add any more that caffeine be the weapon in prevention because have ability to prevetn ATR and also act as sun screen that absorb the Ultraviolet that bitten us.
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