Prevent Stroke by Arrange The Food

Prevent Stroke by Arrange The Food - Prevent is better then cure [proverb]. If the disease still can do the prevention, we must effort for many ways. One of the ways is by arranging the eating pattern or food.

Stroke is caused by blockage at artery that aim to brain, it's have risk of disturbing of blood current. Or also stroke disease caused by embolism. stroke iskemik or blockage happen at 80% stroke case. While stroke hemoragic or embolish in brain is the cause of 20% of stroke.
The risk stroke factor include smoking, Hypertension, Heart disease, Diabetes, and high cholesterol. Lifestyle be a possible factor in attacked by stroke or not, even consume the food that usually low cholesterol.

Below are ways to lowering cholesterol risk from arrange the eating pattern. But, more interest if you wanna to consult to your doctors.

Step 1

Reduce the salt consumption for lowering the blood pressure, if you buy any food, dont forget for paying attention to see salt level in food.

Step 2

Reduce consume of calorie if you one of the overweight, Obesity is really near with diabetes and heart disease. Both of them are the heart risk factors, Best for you for eat whole grain, meat without fat, fruits, vegetables, healthy fat like olive oil.


Reduce eating food that contain saturate fat for controlling cholesterol. Avoid fat meat, fast food, milk product with high fatty

Step 4

Reduce consume the smooth sugar, it's useful to control blood sugar, limit the soda, cake, chewing gum, ice cream and others that can break the insulin in blood.
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