Coconut Water, Natural Isotonic

Coconut Water, Natural Isotonic - As long as Ramadhan, coconut water is a fresh drinks that mostly looking for when breaking the fast. In addition fresh, the fact of this coconut water is the natural isotonic drinks. According to the Agriculture Agency (FAO), young coconut water can be used as a tonic for a natural energy. This is because coconut milk is rich in potassium (potash), sugars, and proteins. Naturally, young coconut water has a mineral composition and sugar is perfect, so similar to human body fluids.

In contrast to isotonic beverages in packaging, which is dangerous if taken carelessly, coconut water is relatively safe for consumption.

Therefore, if you do a lot of activities that deplete the sweat, drink young coconut water just enough to replace lost body fluids. However, please note that once opened and removed from its shell, coconut water is easy to experience a taste change material, and a decrease in nutritional value.

In order properties of coconut water was not lost, better to drink fresh coconut water from a newly when opened shell. Drink without any mixture, like syrup. Just add ice cubes and a bit of sugar to feel more freshness.
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