Blurry eyes at the Age of Dusk

Increasing age, generally make eye function is reduced. Eyes that once can see clearly now become blurred, often not helped even use glasses. Bright color was slowly fading. If it happens, the threat of cataracts is in sight.

In addition to blurred vision and the colors look faded, another symptom of cataract is excessive glare when exposed to light, can not see well at night, and double vision on an object.

Cataracts usually occur in the elderly over 60 years. This disease is a direct implication of the aging process. But with changing lifestyles, plural cataract found in those aged about 45 years.

Effect of smoking, diabetes, accidents, inflammation of the eye, or the use of certain drugs can trigger cataracts in middle-age group.

Cataracts can also be found in infants. Approximately 0.4 percent of babies born had congenital cataracts caused by heredity, chromosomal abnormalities, presence of metabolic disease, to the use of certain drugs during pregnancy or childbirth.
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