kaffir lime for Immune Cancer in Patients

Kaffir lime for Immune Cancer in Patients - Fruit and kaffir lime leaves (Citrus Hystrix DC) is known as a fruit ingredient for cooking seasonings. This plant is also popular among herbal users for its benefits to ease the pain of influenza, cough, or even for shampoo.

Through research, the benefits of this herbaceous plant was more powerful, which can be used to boost immunity. Based on initial research student at the Faculty of Pharmacy Gadjah Mada University (UGM), kaffir lime skin can be antioxidants that help stabilize the immune system for cancer patients. Rind is even potentially be a substitute drug doxorubicin or guardians of the immune system for people with cancer or cancer chemotherapy postoperatively.

Herwandani Putri and two friends, a student who conducted the study, said kaffir lime skin containing naringenin and hespiridin compounds, which act as antioxidants and enhance immune system and accompanying cancer chemotherapy.

Furthermore putri says, how to make the drug from the skin of lime is quite simple. Orange peel, take the skin and washed as necessary, and then heated in an oven until dry. Ground dried orange peel to a fine powder. Fine powder is placed in a cup or elsewhere, and mixed or extracted with ethanol as a solvent.

According to her, 500 grams of an orange powder which was extracted with ethanol can produce 100 grams. In his research, Princess uses lime extracts to mice who were chemotherapy.

"With treatment after our study, mice white blood cells increased significantly," said the Princess, Friday (22/07/2011).

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