Different Milk, Different it's nutritional

Different Milk, Different it's nutritional - Formerly we only know th cow milk, but now we have many milk choice. include the milk that come from plants, like soya milk or almond peanut. We also can choose the organic milk that we drink direct from cow, without any process.

Many kind of milk, actually also contain different nutrient. "some product have enriched with vitamin D. Also available non milk product tha enriched by nutrient like cow milk, so can be the alternative for them whom suffer from laktosa intolerance.

To know the advantages and disadvantages of each milk, Gazzaniga see explanation below.

Cow Milk

Plus: Cow's milk is very rich in calcium and has two times more protein than other types of milk. Although there are currently several types of cow's milk, non fat or low-fat, each of which has almost the same nutritional content.

Minuses: For people suffering from lactose intolerance, cow's milk can cause problems such as diarrhea, abdominal bloating or discomfort. But according to the National Digestive Diseases Information Clearinghouse, the actual people who intorelan lactose can drink up to 4 ounces of milk each day without suffering symptoms.

Soy milk

Plus: Milk is made by soaking and refine soybean seeds are rich in protein and calcium and has no saturated fat. Another advantage is low in calories and have a variety of flavors.

Minus: Soy products can inhibit the absorption of protein and minerals. Several studies of soy against breast cancer is still controversial, in part mentions soy consumption increases the risk of breast cancer.

Goat milk

Plus: Goat's milk is very easy to digest because the protein molecules of different shapes with cow's milk protein. Besides the calcium content in goat milk with cow's milk is not less, plus contain more tryptophan, an essential amino acid.

Minus: Goat's milk also contains lactose, so just like cow's milk can cause a complaint to the lactose intolerant. In addition, not everyone likes the taste is a combination of salty and sweet, the smell is quite overpowering.

Almond milk

Plus: According to Gazzaniga, in recent years, this almond milk is quite popular in America. Milk prepared from almonds mixed with water and sweetener also contains vitamins, minerals, and less fat content. It was also more comfortable and rich.

Minuses: Only a little protein, about 1 gram per cup, much less than soy milk or cow's milk containing 7-8 grams per cup. This type of milk is also not recommended for people allergic to peanuts and deficiency of vitamin B. "Some almond milk products are also given an additional sweetener," said Gazzaniga.

Rice milk

Plus: Made from rice, milk of this type contain less fat and calories. Also available in vanilla or fresh, and free of lactose and soy.

Minuses: The nutrients, according to Gazzaniga rice milk-dairy milk is inferior to others. In addition to not contain vitamins A and C, rice milk also have little protein. Raw milk

Plus: Milk taken directly from the cow, according to Gazzaniga is a gift from nature is good because it is not processed.

Minus: Fresh milk is not on-pasteurisation can contain harmful bacteria such as salmonella, E. coli or listeria. According to prevention and disease control centers in the U.S., in the last 13 years more than 800 people suffering from illness due to consumption of fresh milk and cheese.

organic milk

Plus: The organic food advocates say organic milk produced from cows not fed hormones, antibiotics, pesticides or synthetic fertilizer.

Minus: The price is twice more expensive than non-organic milk. But according to Gazzaniga, organic milk has nutritional and health benefits the same as conventional cow's milk.
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