How to Overcome cancer at Children

How to Overcome Cancer at Children - Cancer at children is something that very afraid for parent, all parent will be scare to deal with it, in spite of the parent really patient. in this condition, parent must always support and give the spirit for their children, in order the children can be strong and always on good condition.

Some cancer that usually suffered by children are leukemia, limfoma, retinoblastoma (eye cancer)and bone cancer, where this is the common one that suffered by them.

According to Erwin, excessive protection will encourage the psychological and emotional condition of a child to become unstable. So rather than cure, but it will generate a cancer cell.

"If the mood is not comfortable it will encourage the cancer cells in the body become more active," he added.

In addition to providing support and freedom, one thing is no less important is being honest about the child's illness. "Children who are not informed about the disease would imagine something totally untrue," he said.

For example, a child may be thinking that his cancer illness is a punishment for him due to a delinquency or a specific error.

"It was agreed with that by telling, would make the child become less stressed and feel guilty. Children are entitled to know about his illness. Regardless of age, "he explained.
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