Why Gums Easy Bleeding?

Why Gums Easy Bleeding - The healthy gums colored young red and hard. If the gums looks inflamed, soft, and colored old red and easy to blood, there is a possibility you suffer from gingivitis. namely the gums around the tooth root.

The cause of gingivitis is plaque, a colorless layer of bacteria and sticky on the teeth. When hardened, plaque turns into tartar, white entry will eventually become black. The formation of plaque and tartar can cause irritation of the gingiva so inflamed and easily bleeding gums.

Usually people have realized there was something with his gums when brushing your teeth and brush so pink after use or there is blood when rinsing. This is a sign of bleeding even when you brush your teeth gently.

Nevertheless, bleeding gums are often caused by the process of brushing teeth too hard. "Brushing your teeth is not hard to make our teeth clean, but make our gums bleed," said drg. Day Sunarto, Sp. Perio.

He explains, brushing your teeth hard and moving in the direction of horizontal movement of sand is tantamount to the teeth. "No need to brush it out loud because of plaque on teeth is a period that is soft. To clean the tartar that are loud, preferably to the dentist," he said.

Brushing teeth correctly is with a short movement from the gums towards the teeth one by one or two teeth first. "Do such movements to all teeth using a soft brush," he added.

If the teeth are well cared for, such as brushed every day, using dental floss regularly and often control and cleaned at the dentist, then chances are suffering from gingivitis will decrease. Gums will soon become firm and pink as a sign is healthy again.
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