Soursop Can Treat Cancer

Soursop Can Treat Cancer - Cancer can treated by consume herb medicine or fruits. So, Of Many these herbs, soursop have excellence then others fruits.
soursop treat cancer
Soursop knew can treat and prevent and also potent for curing many kind of cancer. "For the soursop itself has been studied to treat colon cancer (colon), lung cancer, pancreatic cancer, prostate cancer, and breast cancer (breast)," said dr. Hardhi Pranata, sps, The Chairman of the Association of Medical Doctors Herbal Indonesia (PDHMI).

The Part of soursop that useful for cancer drugs is stem, leaf, and also fruit or in juice form. The fruit can be eaten straight, made as ​​juice, or leaves are boiled, then the decoction drunk.
"Either way, soursop juiced as drink water, or boiling 9 soursop leaves and drink the cooking water and then monitored the situation. Usually appetite will increase and the growth of cancer cells is inhibited,"
said dr Hardhi.

He also explained, soursop contain saponin compounds, polyphenols, as well as bioflavonoids that have antioxidant properties. Well, how to kill cancer cells by soursop is different with other herbs. Soursop just kill the cells or abnormal growth of specific cells such as free radicals existing cancer cells. But soursop does not destroy healthy cells.

Besides having good taste, soursop fruit also helps maintain health, prevent disease, and treat disease. This is because the soursop fruit can also reduce blood pressure, anti-parasite, a sedative that works to increase immunity and to overcome depression, arthritis, and also for uric acid.

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  1. The Chairman of the Association of Medical Doctors Herbal Indonesia (PDHMI). cancer treatment

  2. It's really cool. I like the fact that it is actually more powerful than some of the medications that are used in chemo. That's been proven by research.


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