Donkey Milk Lowering the Cholesterol

Donkey Milk Lowering the Cholesterol | Cow's milk, goat milk, or soy milk may have been commonly consumed. So, how about donkey milk, the experts said that donkey milk more nutrient then cow's milk. Donkey milk also just have a little of fat.
donkey milk
Researchers from the University of Naples, Italy, doing a comparison between the donkey's milk and cow milk. As a result, the donkey's milk contains less fat and contain omega-3 fatty acids can help lower cholesterol.

In research that done at experiment animals, knew that animal gave the donkey milk have fats levels of triglycerides blood lower, and the metabolism system not stress.

Levels of triglycerides and high cholesterol, a precursor to narrowing of the arteries so that blood flow congestion. This condition can trigger heart attacks and strokes.

The researchers also found that donkey milk contains high calcium, similar to breast milk, and can be used in children who are allergic to cow's milk.
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