Anti-Cancer Plants and Fruits

Anti-Cancer Plants and Fruits

Anti-Cancer Plants and Fruits

1. Tomato, known to treat prostate cancer, by eating tomatoes that have been boiled.

2. Red pepper, known to prevent colon cancer if consumed in the long term.

3. Grape seed, grape seed is also known to have anti-cancer compounds. Therefore, if you eat grapes, look who has the seeds and eat with the skin.

4. Red betel leaf, known as an anti-breast cancer by boiling.

5. Wild Ginger, known to have active substance cursil that is as anti-inflammatory and anti-cancer.

Some medicinal plants in Indonesia contain anti-cancer drugs, such as sitotoksin who has the ability to kill and detecting cells that grow abnormally. The compounds in this plant can function in the form of joint, but there is also a single.

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