How to Calculate Age of Pregnancy?

How to Calculate Age of Pregnancy | Sometimes there are still many pregnant women are confused and do not know how to calculate the Pregnancy age that was lived. For that, know how to calculate it.

Calculation of age early in pregnancy since the first day of menstruation ends because most women do not know exactly when they ovulate, but most know when her menstrual period ends, as quoted from babycenter, Saturday (06/18/2011).

Generally, doctors will count for 280 days pregnancy, to determine the due date or birth of the baby. The amount is equivalent to 40 weeks gestation. But those dates are only approximate, and only 5 percent of babies are born exactly on the date of the estimate.

As for the trimester is often regarded as the third month of pregnancy. Someone will be said to be in the second trimester after 14 weeks pregnant and third trimester when the pregnancy reaches 28 weeks.

Usually someone, prefer to call her pregnancy in a month, in this case is not appropriate to count one month equals 4 weeks. Therefore taken an average of one month for 30 days and 1 week of 7 days.

And generally, the pregnancy is not exactly 9 months, for example if the first day she last menstrual period is January 1, then the maturity date is October 8. So the calculation is like 9 months 1 week or 10 days, but she could give birth before or after that date.

World Health Organization (WHO) stipulates that the maximum limit of gestation is 42 weeks or approximately 294 days. If up to that age yet there is also a sign of birth, the pregnant woman is induced to provide stimulation or cesarean birth to avoid problems in infants and pregnant women.
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