Recognize Other Signs of Dehydration

Recognize Other Dehydration Signs - Dehydration or lack of fluids in the body most easily characterized by the onset of thirst. When the signal is ignored, the body will react by sending another signal that we do not often realize.

Dehydration is characterized by mild to moderate dry mouth and sticky, sleepy, a little amount of urine and the body feels tired. "Fatigue in the daytime, headaches and lower concentrations are also often experienced by women who are dehydrated," said dr.Saptowati Bardosono, Sp.GK, clinical nutritionist from the Faculty of Medicine, University of Indonesia (Faculty of medicine).
Dehydration can also cause blood pressure dropped so that it appears a few headaches in the head while standing. "If the headaches do not rush to take medication, drink two glasses of water and wait 20 minutes, the pain usually disappear,"suggested dr.Saptowati.

Adults aged 25-55 years, every day requires 35 milliliters of water per kilogram of body weight. This means if the person was 30 years old and weighed 60 kg, 2100 milileter requires water equivalent to 8-10 glasses of water.

"In addition to drinking water, this fluid needs are also met through the foods that contain water and the fluid produced from the body metabolime about 300 milliliters," said dr.Luciana Sutanto, Sp.GK, of Jakarta Nutrition Sciences course.

Luciana added, dehydration can also result from excessive sweating, hot weather, heavy physical activity, vomiting, diarrhea, or use of drugs that caused a lot of piss.
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