Difference between Germs, Virus and Bacteria

Germs, Virus and Bacteria
Difference between Germs, Virus and Bacteria - Microorganism cause of disease is everywhere, in the air, on food and beverages, in animals and other surfaces. If the immune system is weak and we are dealing with organisms whose immunity has not owned body, we get sick.
There are several types of disease-causing organisms, from bacteria, viruses, bacteria, fungi or worms. Actually, what's the difference?

1. Germ
Germ is the public term that identical to bacteria, namely single-celled organisms that can only be seen with the aid of a microscope. when the infection bacterial enter to body, the numbers will increase and potentially produce a number of powerful chemicals, called toxins, which can destroy certain cells in tissues that attacked so that makes us sick.

Not all harmful bacteria. Some bacteria that live in the body, such as the gut and mouth, even profitable. Diseases caused by bacteria such as pneumonia, acne, sore throat, cholera, etc., can be treated with antibiotics.

2. Virus

When attacking the human body, the virus enters to few cell in body and control it, ordered the cell "hosts" to produce the parts needed to reproduce themselves. In the process, the host cell eventually be eradicated. Polio, HIV/AIDS, influenza, measles, or meningitis is a disease caused by a virus. Treatment with antiviral.

3. Mushrooms

Single-celled organisms are slightly larger than bacteria. Actually, the fungus is not contagious, but there are certain types that can be transmitted, such as candida. Candida can cause thrush or canker sores. Meanwhile, the fungi become the biggest cause of diaper rash that causes the infection.

4. Worms

When this type of parasite or eggs entering the human body, usually he would stay in the intestinal tract, lung, liver, skin, or brain, and the life of existing nutrients in the human body.
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