Physical Inactivity Can Cause Death

Physical Inactivity Can Cause Death - Most of us life and work in busy area, so many people choose to rest and relaxing in-front of TV or just change the activity in sleeping. this lifestyle can trigger the people, if this rarely move lifestyle happen and taken for along time.
Physical inactivity is the term that identified to the people in low of physical activity level or none at all. As a result of combustion energy is not more than 1.5 times the burning energy while resting.

For knowledge, now 48,2 the people on ages more of 10 years is on less of physical activity. Accord to WHO, 60-80% adult population not active in physically.

Physical inactivity is a long time may cause overweight or obese. In the world, obesity ranks fourth leading cause of death or contributed to 30 percent of world mortality.

"From our time 24 hours a day, mostly allocated to inactive. The portion of the most sleep, then work all day sitting in front of the computer. The trip home was also a lot of sitting, at home coupled with watching television and playing video games on weekends,"
said Urip Nuratno, fitness training manager of Fitness First Indonesia.

In fact, to keep in shape, WHO recommends that we exercise at least 30 minutes every day. Sport is meant is that regular physical activity. May we can keep our shape by exercise for 30 minutes a day. Good Luck
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