Carbonate or Soda Beverage Can Trigger Stroke | Beware!

Soda or Carbonate Beverage Can Trigger Stroke - People that always drink soda or carbonate beverages have a risk of stroke more larges then other. This research still early research. in spite of that this research can be a light yellow to us to begin to avoid soft drink or carbonate beverage in solid frequent.

Dr. Steven GreenBerg as a neurologist from Harvard medical school said:
"This Research result can be warning to us to reduce the carbonate beverage and we can change it with white water."

However Greenberg confess that he have no scientific explanation to answer why soft-drink or carbonate beverage can trigger stroke. because it could be that people with softdrink habit also on lazy in sport, fat, drink alcohol and other.

so, i think this is as the preliminary research, and we can be careful on all type of carbonate beverages can could be trigger stroke and other disease. and we will continue to follow this research until we get a certain answer about danger of carbonate beverages.

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