Vaccinations No Need Repeated At Teens

Children who had received hepatitis B vaccine, at the age of 0-5 years, no need to re-vaccinated at the age of 15-21 years. Hepatitis B vaccine capable of protecting the body for 20-25 years. This is true for healthy children and have a normal immune system, and able to form antibodies after vaccination.
Thus the results of research Gunardi Hartono, a pediatrician, for his doctoral dissertation. He examined 213 respondents from a number of high schools and universities in Jakarta. They were aged 15-21 years, and ever received hepatitis B vaccine during childhood.

Hartono defend his dissertation in front of the test team at the Faculty of Medicine, University of Indonesia, Jakarta, Thursday (8/9), and graduated with a GPA of 3.92.

Hartono suggest, infants of mothers who have hepatitis B vaccinated immediately. For children over age 5 year, who have never been vaccinated and are members of families affected by chronic hepatitis B, it must be checked. If he had not been infected with hepatitis B virus, he must be immediately vaccinated. If already infected, immunization is of no use. Their bodies were expected to form antibodies that can resist the virus.

According to Hartono, children aged under one year susceptible to viral hepatitis B. Those who get the virus at an early age at risk of experiencing chronic liver disease which can lead to liver cirrhosis and cancer.

The problem, in children aged under one year, only 10 percent showed symptoms, such as weakness, lethargy, no appetite, eyes and yellow skin, yellow urine and pale feces. Most of the symptoms is unknown so the disease progresses rapidly.

"The sooner attacked by the hepatitis B virus,chronic liver disease the potential becomes even greater, because the immune system has not evolved," he said.

Professor of Pediatrics Faculty of medicine "Agus Firmansyah" Hartono said the promoter, hepatitis B is a serious global health problem. Indonesia including hepatitis B endemic areas with a prevalence of 9.4 percent.
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