Effect of Diabetes Disease to Brain

Effect of Diabetes Disease to Brain - Diabetes mellitus have effect to all part of body, even the brain. The latest research shows that diabetes mellitus can late the function of mental and can arise the risk of Alzheimer diseases. The Complication occur in brain is only one of the argument why we must control the Diabetes
The Scientist actually not know yet clearly how the diabetes type 2 can effect the brain, cause have any factors that mixed up with.

"the level of blood sugar may be directly impact to nerve cells. This is also trigger the broken at large or small blood vessels. Others effect are reduce the oxygen intake to brain, So it's can trigger the risk of stroke," said Alan Jacobson, a professor at Harvard medical school.

Diabetes mellitus begins with insulin resistance in which fat, muscle and liver cells are unable to use insulin. At first the reaction was pancreas responds by pumping more insulin.

The same enzyme that break the insulin also break the protein that mention by beta-amyloid, which form abnormally at brain of Alzheimer sufferer. As much as enzyme that work break the insulin as much as accumulation of beta-amyloid.
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