7 Factors Trigger "Back Pain"

7 Factors Trigger "Back Pain" - Back pain is one disease that definitely affects 8 out of 10 adults in his life. Back pain most often occurs because the back muscles stretched or stretched ligaments. But there are times when pain arises just slowly.

Discharging and loading on the discs or cushion the bones over time will lead to changes in the structure or the normal balance. Though the problem of bearings, joints or muscles will cause pain when used moves.

There are several causes of back pain is often not realized.

1. Strenuous exercise on the weekends

Lack of physical activity are risk factors that make a person more susceptible to back pain. This situation is exacerbated by excessive exercise habits only on weekends.

"If we do something heavy, after a whole week more passive activities, we are greatly at risk injuring themselves," said Shamie. He added that high-impact exercise that is done without heating to strengthen the torso (core) will make the muscles do not strongly support the motion carried.

He therefore suggested that at least we did the basic exercises for strengthening the torso 15 minutes every day and heating for the torso and the muscles are more prepared when you exercise more intensely on the weekends.

2. Carrying the child

Holding the child in the back, especially if the child's weight is large enough, will cause tremendous pressure on the spine. Moreover, if the child is a lot of moves, the risk is whiplash.

3. Sitting hunched

Sit with your back arched in a long time will cause the lumbar bone is not propped up so well that the greater the pressure on the discs. "But the greatest pressure on the disc occurs when we are in a sitting position and then in a tilted position about to take something from the floor. Therefore if you want to pick something new once stood crouched down to pick it up," he said.

4. Smoke

Smoking will cause the disc to deteriorate rapidly. Disc or bone bearing this has on the outer fibrous wall that protects the gel in it.

5. Rotating waist

All the movements that involve rotation in the upper abdomen, repeatedly will cause micro-trauma to the lower spine. This damage will accumulate and the risk of causing damage at a later date.

6. Lack of sleep

Spinal disc has no blood vessels so that they are not getting enough nutrients. As a result the disc is more susceptible to crack and dehydration. "Try to sleep enough at least 7 hours every night because at night the disc will be re-hydrated," he said.

7. Soft bed

Bedding that is too soft and curved in the middle will make the bone structure changed.
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