Unexpected Places Favorites Bacteria

Due to the microscopic size, germs and bacteria can not we see, touch, or smell it. However, as clean as any of an object visible, it is certain that the object was filled with bacteria, including on the surface of our skin. In fact, there are bacteria everywhere. Pay attention to unexpected places following, the places that became a favorite of bacteria.

Restaurant menu

Maybe you think your hands clean enough to sit at the table before the restaurant. However, if your hands are washed when food is served at your table? It is important that restaurant menus contain lots of germs because of the many hands that had touched.

Cosmetics bag

If you are not someone who likes to share cosmetics with another person, then the amount of bacteria that inhabit your cosmetics will be minimal. Like others, if you often exchange tools cosmetic with others. That's why, make it a habit to wash your hands before applying cosmetics to your face.
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