Beware of Dengue Fever Deases

Disease "Dengue Fever" - The rainy season is a time that is very susceptible to the development of mosquitoes, especially Aedes mosquitoes causing dengue Aegity. So, be careful with your health.

Today, dengue fever is still one major health problem in Indonesia which are endemic and occur throughout the year along with epidemics every 5 years with the trend of the epidemic attack interval becomes irregular.

For clinic mendiagnosia DBD, guidelines used are compiled WHO:

Clinical symptoms dengue fever:

1. High fever is acute.

2. Presence of bleeding manifestations (at least niquet tour-positive test)

3. hepatomegaly

4. shock

Laboratory Test Results:

1. Thrombocytopenia (? 100.000/uL).

2. Hemoconcentration (hematocrit rise? 20% above the average hematocrit value of the population by age and sex).

For our prudence, immediately to the hospital doctor to immediately get help, because dengue is usually very fast cycles and we are usually unaware.

At the time of epidemic sufferers often become frantic and forced to be hospitalized so that inpatient facilities in hospitals do not meet the need/desire the patient to be hospitalized, under these circumstances the only people who really need supervision in the hospital are cared for.

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