Bird Flu Disease and Red Fruit

Bird flu or Avian disease is a disease affecting the poultry.

Symptoms of birds affected by bird flu are high fever and lead to death.

The medicine to cure this disease, the vaccine has actually been found that the AI ​​(Avian Influenza).
When this disease attacks the poultry industry, it will be fatal, because of all poultry farms are in all of them will be infected.

In addition to Al vaccines for the treatment of the disease, a lecturer from the University of Papua Cendrawasih namely: Dr. Made Budi, MS, has been entered into trials through sari "Red Fruit" in the treatment of bird flu and the results are quite satisfactory, from 20 chickens affected by bird flu 19 tail experience healing, and only one tail is dead.

The characteristics of the Red Fruit juice concoction of Dr.. Made Budi MS ie, does not smell acidic, neutral aroma, dark color (red), water content of zero (0), sediment pasta zero, the number of high iodine and peroxide value of zero (0) to 0.5. Boiling point lower red juice.
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