The Best Time to Drink Vitamins

When the best time ti consume vitamin. Many people said that drinking vitamin is best at night or morning, and other said that consume vitamin should with the solid food. So, where is the true one?
best time to drink vitamin
Accord to Barbara Paulsen, The leader of health magazine, consume vitamin can done at anytime. Because only small benefit different that obtain if we consume vitamin regularly.

If you want to take vitamins regularly, it's good to listen to some tips below:

1. Consumption of vitamins with food to help the process of absorption by the body.

2. Iron pills, impact hard to stomach. To reduce the impact, it is worth taking iron pills with food.

3. At present, vitamin E mostly covered in fat. To obtain a greater benefit, consume with fatty liquids such as a glass of milk.

4. It is better to consume calcium doses of 300 mg or less, compared with consuming calcium in large numbers. It is better to add a dose of 10 percent when taking calcium with meals or grains, because it can withstand the process of absorption by the body.
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