Secrets Food Repellent Itch

Secret foods that repel itch. Itching in the skin from insect bites, allergies, medications, etc., could try to remove the natural way, like this:
secrets food to repellent itch
- Bath milk. Mix oatmeal in milk evaporation (milk that has reduced water content, and use for bathing. Oatmeal (1-2 small bowls) can also be mixed with warm water in a bathtub. Milk works pretty well to get rid of itching in the skin and make smoother skin.

- Apply lemon juice to the itching part of the body, allow it to dry. Oranges contain powerful anti-inflammatory anesthetic and cope with the itching.

- Baking soda (about 1 small bowl) can also be mixed into a tub of warm water to reduce the itching due to irritation, insect bites, bee stings, and others. Soak about 30-60 minutes. For a little wound in the skin, mix three parts baking soda with one part water, then apply this paste to the area to itch. However, do not do this if the skin is injured.

- Apply liquid of aloe vera plant to the body that itch. Substance in aloe vera, not only can cope with severe burns, but also itching.

- Bathing with water laced with peppermint oil. For a little area, brewed mint leaves and use water to wash the body that itch, or a clean cloth dipped into water steeping mint leaves, then compress to the body that itch.

Mint leaves contain menthol which is an anesthetic and anti-inflammatory. Rosmarinik acid in it also are anti-inflammatory that is easily absorbed into the skin.

- Add two tablespoons of balsamic vinegar into the water bath and the itching would be reduced.

- Compress the itching with a cold pack.
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