Prediction of Health Through Tongue | Health Prediction

Prediction of Health Through Tongue | Chinese researchers have developed software (software) that can predict the state of health by analyzing the image on one's tongue. Researchers claim, these findings could be a unique step towards the prevention of a disease.

The emergence of the idea of ​​creating software for Prediction of Health Through Tongue is derived from ancient Chinese medicine is based on balance and energy flow in the body.

The research team say their software is able to classify the status of 263 patients zheng gastritis (stomach inflammation) and 48 healthy volunteers who participated in the research. Patients with gastritis were classified according to intensity of symptoms and what kind of bacteria that cause gastritis.

"Knowing your zheng classification can serve as a pre-screening and preventive treatment helped. Our software helps bridge the gap between Eastern and Western medicine. Due to an imbalance in the zheng can be a warning for you to go to the doctor,"
said Dong Xu, chairman of the division of science computer of the Faculty of Engineering, University of Missouri (MU).

"In this year, with the" Prediction of Health Through Tongue which aims are: to make an application for smartphones that will allow people to take photos of their tongue, and learn about zheng their status," said Xu.

Other studies from PubMed said that, the pattern of hot and cold in China was associated with differences in treatment track, where the protein is broken down in the body.

"Zheng hot and cold temperatures did not refer directly to the body. Instead, it refers to a set of symptoms associated with the state of the body as a whole,"
said Xu of the Bond Life Sciences Center.

"Our software is able to classify people based on their status zheng," said co-researcher, Ye Duan, professor of computer science at MU.

"We will continue to work on this software and hope to increase the ability of this tool so that eventually everyone will be able to use this tool at home by using a Webcam or applications on the smartphone. It can help to monitor the status of their zheng and get early warning about progression of the disease, "
said Ye Duan.

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Benefits of Fish Oil for Women | Important Fish Oil

Benefits of Fish Oil for Women | No doubt, that taking fish oil can make the body more healthy. The problem is: so many people who do not meet the needs of fish oil in the daily menu.

Because to benefits of fish oil make us have to find a replacement for fish oil as a substitute for, the easiest solution is to take a daily supplement of omega 3.

While men and women alike have benefited from omega3 supplements, but actually for women have benefit more. Let's look at some of unique benefits of fish oil for women:

Benefits of Fish Oil for Women

1. Breast Cancer. Breast cancer invade the lives of millions of women every year, and in fact, was the leading cause of death for women aged between 45 and 55. Countless tests have shown that Omega-3 fatty acids may help slow the progression of breast cancer, and even help prevent breast cancer recurrence, and when combined with drugs known as propofol, omega-3 fatty acids can cause cancer cells to die .

2. Cervical Cancer. Cervical cancer is a disease that kills about 4,000 women each year, almost always caused by HPV. Research has shown that DHA (Omega-3 fatty acids in fish oil), can dramatically inhibit the growth and development of the mutated cells due to HPV.

3. Menstrual cycle. Almost all women experience physical changes due to their menstrual cycle. For some, this change is almost imperceptible, but for others, they can be very enjoyable, and even very severe. Omega 3 supplements can relieve the symptoms of menstruation, because the body is able to turn them into prostaglandins, which in turn can make the muscles relax. Omega 3 supplements are very effective, so some women are able to avoid painful menstrual cramps.

4. Menopausal depression. Depression is common among women ages 45 and 50. Depression is often referred to as menopause depression, is often treated by ERT (Estrogen Replacement Therapy), but there are many concerns about this approach, because the hormone estrogen is directly related to breast cancer. Fortunately, studies show that consuming fish oil supplementation significantly every day can reduce menopausal depression.

We only saw four benefits of fish oil for women, but actually a lot more. In short, all women should consider supplementing their daily diet with omega3 supplements with good quality.

4 Foods Good Source of Cholesterol

4 Foods Good Source of Cholesterol | Poor perception often comes when a person hears the word fat. Fat is not always bad for the body. After all, the consumption of fat is still needed as an energy source.

Types of fats in foods such as trans fats, hydrogenated oils, saturated fats and some tropical oils, can cause imbalances, chronic inflammation and disease. This type of fat that should be avoided.

While olive oil, nuts, grains and oil seeds, unprocessed vegetable oils and non-hydrogenated oils best choice of fat you should consume each day.

Here is a source of food that can raise levels of good cholesterol (HDL) in your body:

1. Avocado

Avocado is a fruit that has a high content of fat. But you need not worry, because in addition to the tasty fruit, avocados have the good fats (HDL). The content of lutein in avocados is believed to help improve the quality of eye health and chlorophyll content is a source of antioxidants.

2. Virgin coconut oil

Coconut oil may be the best choice as a healthy dessert menu. Although the use of palm oil continues to be studied, but the benefits have been recognized as a potent anti-bacterial, rich in vitamin K and E and iron. Some research even indicates, coconut oil can help weight management, because it reduces stress on the endocrine system.

3. Fish

Some types of fish contain fats that are very good for health. Salmon, sardines, herring, mackerel and tuna types of fish that contain omega-3 fatty acids. Fats in fish are needed to help the growth, development of brain function, and reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease. Omega-3 fatty acids can also be found in marine plants such as krill, algae, some plants and nut oils. Omega-3 fatty acids can help reduce bad cholesterol (LDL), increase good cholesterol (HDL), reduce inflammation and reduce the risk of heart disease, cancer and type 2 diabetes.

EPA (eicosapentaenoic acid) and DHA (docosahexaenoic acid) type of omega-3 fatty acids which are found in fish oil to reduce the risk of abnormal heart rhythms that cause sudden death and heart disease, according to a study at the University of Maryland Medical Center.

4. Beans or legumes

Nuts are a source of nutrients that protect your health. People who eat nuts regularly lower risk of dying from heart attacks and strokes than those who ate little, according to a study at the Harvard School of Public Health. Agency for Food and Drug Administration, United States (FDA) even claimed, "eat-food that includes one ounce of nuts every day can reduce the risk of heart disease."

Most types of nuts contain levels of bad cholesterol (LDL) is low and can increase good cholesterol. Walnuts, for example, contains omega-3 fatty acids that protect you from the deadly abnormal heart rhythm and blood clotting. Some examples of types of nuts that contain omega 3 is peanuts, red beans, almonds and walnuts.

Beware of Pesticides in Fruit Import

Beware of Pesticides in Fruit Import

Food Safety and Nutrition Experts Faculty of Human Ecology, Bogor Agricultural University (IPB) Prof Ahmad Sulaeman remind people to be wary of imported fruits. He considered, the risk of imported fruits contain pesticides that can affect health, especially the development of reproductive organs.

"The price of imported fruit sold in supermarkets Indonesia sometimes cheaper than the price in its home country. This of course makes us wonder as well ask, why the fruit can be sold at a low price?," said by ulaeman as quoted Antara in Bogor on Wednesday (16 / 5/2012).

He explained further about the suspicions on these imported fruits. He argues, a fruit terminal in the "Rotterdam Holland" which covers almost the same as the Soekarno-Hatta airport in Cengkareng there are cold storage as a place to store the fruit. Fruit, he said, there are storage reaches the age of two years, and the youngest is six months.

In order to bear fruit in cold temperatures, not dry and wrinkled, he said, then coated with wax rind. In the candle, also added a fungicide, so that the fruit is not moldy. According to him, the results of various studies show that regular fungicide Vinclozolin added is the kind that are the same anti-androgenic in nature such as DDT (Dichloro-Diphenyl-Trichloroethane).

Anti-androgenic, said Sulaeman, can cause sterility effect, in insects. He explained as is know DDT was OLD insecticide who had praised to the skies for his services in the response to a variety of insect-borne disease vectors.

"But now the use of DDT in many countries around the world especially in North America, Western Europe and also in Indonesia have been banned,"
he said.

According Sulaeman, various studies showed that consumption of food containing pesticide residues, although low in the womb can lead to poorer demaskulinisasi, which interfere with the development of reproductive organs. Therefore, not surprisingly, is now widely found in cases of dual gender or transgender.

Sulaeman argues, the increasing number of cases of genital double today is the impact of the first green revolution. These conditions not only in Indonesia, but also occur in some countries.

Exposure to pesticides of fruit could also threaten the children. Ahmad explained, one study that compared the Mexican state of children who used to consume organic food (without chemicals) and non-organic (pesticide spraying). The result, he said, children are exposed to pesticides are not always able to draw even a simple line drawing. Conversely, children who used to consume organic foods mentioned are able to draw well.

Then, some of the possible risk of disease also develops in children born from mothers exposed to pesticides, such as leukemia and diseases including autism. To that end, he appealed to people to switch back to local fruits like mangosteen, bisbul, jackfruit and many more.

"Unfortunately, our fruit markets especially in supermarkets, is still dominated by imported fruit,"
he said.

Of the 225 types of fruits, and vegetables sold in supermarkets, said Sulaeman, 60-80 percent is imported fruit.

Therefore, he stressed again that: fresh fruit fans need to be extra vigilant, especially lovers of imported fruits such as grapes, pears and apples. "Especially if there is a promo imported fruit with a very low price," he said.

Early Detection of Colorectal Cancer

Early Detection of Colorectal Cancer | Patients with bowel cancer can be cured, if the malignancy is detected early. Conventional examinations, such as blood tests and digital rectal cryptic, but it can detect cancer at an advanced stage. Now introduced a technique that can detect the examination of these early cancers.

Colon cancer (colorectal carcinoma) is a malignancy that occurs in the colon to the rectum. Time is slowly growing cancer, 15-20 years old.

"When detected early, patients recover very big possibility," said the expert in hematology oncology Faculty of Medicine, University of Indonesia (medicine), W Sudoyo Aru, in the gathering of colon cancer patients in Jakarta, Saturday (14/5).

According to him, as much as 95 percent of cases of colon cancer can be treated if found early by testing and detailed examination. Unfortunately, this has not happened in Indonesia. The majority of patients diagnosed with colon cancer for treatment when already advanced stage. More than 50 percent of cancer patients are not aware of the disease and find out too late.

According to Ibrahim Basir, abdominal surgeon of the Faculty of medicine, there are early symptoms that can be used for early detection of colon cancer, among other weight loss accompanied by a change in bowel habits or bloody bowel movements.

Other symptoms include diarrhea or constipation without apparent cause more than six weeks, had pain in the back of the abdomen, bloating, or stomach still feels full even after a bowel movement.

"Most people who experience these symptoms, do not want to see a doctor. They also do not want digital rectal examination that considered shameful, "he said.

In fact, this ways is the simplest way to diagnose colon cancer.

Early detection

Digital rectal examination done to determine the presence of polyps in the hole expenditure, as well as to detect abnormalities in the prostate. Blood tests performed in the laboratory on stool samples of patients, to detect the presence of blood from polyps.

Barium enema examination, which include liquid barium into the large intestine through the rectum and identified by X-rays. This examination can detect cancers and polyps in the amount exceeding 1 cm.

Recently introduced biomolecular examination for colon cancer, the patient's stool sample, the test tumor M2-PK (M2 pyruvates kinase), which is a marker (biomarker) of metabolic tumor.

These marker genes are found E Eigenbrodt from Germany in 1992, then developed Schebo Biotech. On examination measured the metabolic activity of colon tumors at an early stage.

"This method can detect polyps or adenomas that do not bleed," said Adityawati Ganggaiswari, biomedical experts from Indonesia Cancer Foundation.

DNA testing clinics will be open YKI in Lebak Bulus, Jakarta. Rate of Rp 200,000. Examination of M2-PK in stool samples of patients will be conducted in the laboratories of the Kalbe Farma, said Adityawati.

In addition to the ICF, there are two hospitals in Jakarta who provide it.

Worldwide, deaths from "colon cancer" approximately "608 000 people." This amount, reaching 8 percent of all cancer deaths, and the fourth type of cancer that causes death. Nearly 60 percent of cases are found in developing countries, including Indonesia.

Likes Eating Fish, Minimize Risk of Colon Cancer

Likes Eating Fish, Minimize Risk of Colon Cancer | There is good news for fans of fish consumption. A recent study indicates, people who love to eat fish may have a lower risk of colon and rectal cancer.

This finding is an analysis of the results of 41 previous studies that have linked the consumption of fish in the diet and new diagnoses and deaths from colorectal cancer.

"People who rarely eat fish during this, would likely benefit health in many ways, after they increased the number of fish consumption, such as reducing the risk of heart disease, reproductive, and now colon cancer," said Dr. Michael Gochfeld, from the University of Medicine and Demtistry, New Jersey-Robert Wood Johnson Medical School.

It is not yet known whether the benefits would be greater if the quantity of fish consumed is more.

Although this new study focused specifically on the consumption of fresh fish, the authors noted they could not determine what kind of fish should be consumed or how to serve it, since in previous studies is not explained.

However, according to Liang Dr.Jie of Xijing Hospital of Digestive Disease in Xi'an, China, which involved researching, said cooking temperature may affect the risk of colorectal cancer. He said there is evidence to suggest the consumption of meat and fish grilled or baked with high heat associated with cancer risk.

Assessment of Research

In his latest findings, Liang and colleagues collected data from 41 research studies that have previously been published between 1990 and 2011 that measure the amount of fish consumption and cancer diagnosis. The study includes a number of studies from the United States, Norway, Japan, Finland, and other countries.

Overall, regular fish consumption may lower a person's risk in kolorektar cancer, and death due to cancer by 12 percent.

Nutrition for Kids 4-6 Years | children nutrition

Nutrition for Kids 4-6 Years | Normal weight for boys aged 4 years and 8 months is around 17-18 kg. On that basis, the child has a weight 16 kg, so quite a bit less weight than normal. The height above the average, because the normal high-olds is about 110 cm, so that the sons of mothers appear higher than peers and a little thinner.

The recommended diet is nutritionally balanced diet, eating foods that vary with the portion of his body needs.

As a guide, based on the nutritional adequacy rate for Indonesia, the average child aged 4-6 years will require the following nutrients:
  • Energy: 1550 kcal
  • Protein: 39 grams
  • Calcium 500 mg
  • Iron 9 mg

Feeding guide attention: "3 J" and "1 A" are:
  • Number: the portion of the body needs children
  • Type: eat a varied diet (rice/bread, vegetables, fruit, side dishes (animal and vegetable), milk)
  • Schedule: 3 meals and 2-3 large meals a healthy snack
  • Safe: no artificial dyes consumed, not stale, does not expire

Nutritional needs by children

  1. Carbohydrates: rice / bread / noodles / potatoes / pasta / havermuth as a matter of power and gives a sense of satiety
  2. Protein: a side dish of animal origin (eggs, fish, beef, chicken / duck, cow's milk), vegetable side dishes (tempeh, tofu, green beans, red beans, soy beans, soy milk) for growth substances, antibodies and immune
  3. Vitamins and minerals: fruits and vegetables are brightly colored as regulator and protective substances
  4. Fats: margarine spreads for bread or oil for frying / menumins
  5. Water

For children aged 4-6 years, the recommended number of servings in a day

  1. Rice or his successor: 3 servings or 12 tablespoons of rice every meal
  2. Side Animal: 3 servings (meat, chicken, fish size of a matchbox)
  3. Vegetable Side: 1porsi (tempeh or tofu the size of a matchbox)
  4. Vegetables: 2 servings or 2 medium bowl
  5. Fruits: 3 servings (1 citrus fruit is, half apples and half a cup papaya or melon slices
  6. Milk: 2-3 cups: @ 200 ml

Milk is rich in protein, fat, vitamins and minerals as well as the source of calcium necessary for growing children, including for the growth of bones and teeth are optimal. Of 2-3 servings of milk @ 200 ml per day, in addition to other nutritious foods, already meet the nutritional needs by child. If you consume more than 3 servings of milk a day, it is feared will reduce the portion of other healthful foods, which is required by the body, such as fruits and vegetables rich in vitamins, fiber and antioxidants.

To help ascertain whether the child is old enough to consume the food in terms of servings and variety, she can keep a diary, like a check list of what children eat every day.

Source: kompas

Diabetes Threatens Children Now

Diabetes mellitus (DM) is a chronic disease which number of cases continues to increase worldwide, including in Indonesia. Diabetes is now no longer an enemy of adults, but also children.

Data research of work unit of child endocrinologist coordination throughout Indonesia who had released the Directorate General of Disease Control and Environmental Health Ministry of Health in early March 2012, for example: it shows that the number of people with diabetes in children and adolescents under 20 years 731 children registered.

Meanwhile, Diabetes and Nutrition Center (PDN) RSU Dr Soetomo Surabaya had to make estimates that in 2009 there are about 650,000 children in Indonesia suffered from diabetes mellitus and the majority are type 2 diabetes. This figure is obtained by calculating five percent of the total 13 million people with diabetes mellitus of all age groups in 2009.

While the Department of Pediatrics from Faculty of Medicine, University of Indonesia (medicine) estimate, number of children with diabetes showed a tendency to continue rising in recent years. In 2011, then for example, at least 65 children with diabetes were recorded, up 400 percent from 2009. Of that amount, a total of 32 children suffering from type two diabetes.

"We always thought that certain diabetes in children with type 1 diabetes. But now, many children are affected by type 2 diabetes, due to poor lifestyle,"
said dr. Dyah Purnamasari Sulistianingsih, Sp.PD, from the Division of Metabolic Endocrinology Faculty of Medicine, University of Indonesia (medicine) in a media seminar on Thursday (5/10/2012), in Jakarta.

Dyah said, everyone who does not have a healthy lifestyle can be attacked by the disease diabetes. Therefore, a healthy lifestyle should be maintained with food and a healthy diet, and exercise regularly, so that sugar levels can be controlled and avoid diabetes.

Some studies suggest that, in managing children with diabetes type 2 is generally more difficult than in adults. Most cases of diabetes in children is caused due to obesity. If the parents are not aware of this threat early on, it can tend to be less effective treatment.

Why not be effective? Because the provision of drugs in children with diabetes will usually be more difficult than adults because a child is more difficult to manage, let alone the gift must be made continuously in the long run.

"It takes a psychological approach. Due to different treatment in children and adults," he said.

Dyah said more, that type 1 diabetes usually occurs more frequently in children, where there is a shortage of insulin in the body, due to damage to pancreas gland, that caused by an autoimmune process. Damage to the pancreas is generally only cause symptoms after the destruction of pancreatic cells reached 90 percent or more.

Benefits of Papaya Leaf To Fight Cancer

Benefits of Papaya Leaf, Under a bitter taste, it turns out saving benefits of papaya leaves as cancer-fighting substances. Experts say, the greatness of the benefits of papaya leaves against a variety of tumors in the body is wonderful.

Nam Dang researchers from the University of Florida, and colleagues from Japan who published his findings about the Benefits of Papaya Leaf, that benefits of papaya extract to fight cervical cancer, breast, liver, lung, and pancreas. The researchers used the papaya extract was dried and used as a papaya leaf tea.

Benefits of Papaya Leaf, In research conducted by "Dang" is known, papaya extract will produce a molecule called "Th1 type cytokines" that help boost the body's immune system. This would support the therapeutic use of immune system to fight cancer.

Experts say, papaya leaf extract has no toxic effect on normal cells, making it safer than cancer therapy in general. In research, 10 types of cancer cell culture was displayed by papaya extract and then observed for 24 hours. Apparently, papaya slow the growth of tumor cells in all types of cancer.

Benefits of Papaya Leaf, eaten as a fruit addition, the efficacy of papaya is also used as traditional medicine, especially by the Aborigines in Australia, the population of Vietnam, and several other Asian countries.

Benefits of Jogging for Health

Benefits of Jogging for Health | This is one secret of longevity is relatively easy and inexpensive. Yes, Often run relaxed or jogging, at least two or three times a week. According to the results of the study the scientists, this simple recipe and can extend life expectancy, at least up to six years.

One of the benefits of jogging for health reported by Denmark scientists, men or women who do jogging regularly experienced an average increase in life expectancy between five to six years. The greatest benefits of jogging, a person would be obtained if done with a slow or leisurely pace, and enough to make breathing a little out of breath. Not running at high speed which makes your body work hard.

"Our research results with a clear answer, if jogging is beneficial to your health?. We can say that jogging regularly extended the life. The good news is you do not have to do it hardly to get benefits of jogging for health, says cardiovascular health expert from Denmark, Dr Peter Schnohr, involving 2,000 men and women in his studying.

Research on jogging Conducted by Schnohr, is part of a study entitled The Copenhagen City Heart Study. This study monitored 20,000 men and Danish women aged 20 to 93 years since 1976.

In examining the benefits of jogging for health, led by Dr Tim Schnohr investigate the average rate of mortality among 1116 men and 762 women who often do jogging for 35 years. Participants also were asked how much time is spent jogging every week, whether they are running with slow, medium or fast.

According to the researchers, to get the benefits of jogging for health. The most ideal jogging is done for one to 2.5 hours in one session at a moderate pace. Within a week, jogging should also be done between two to three times.

Hopefully this article on the benefits of jogging becoming attention and useful to all.

Maintain Eye Health Tips | Health eye

Maintain Eye Health Tips | Lifestyle often makes us use our eyes over, regardless of eye health. Such as working at the computer, which often makes us forget the rest of our eyes. You realize? so many people who wear glasses from year to year. So, here we will share information about maintain eye health tips.

Maintain Eye Health Tips

1. Check your eyes every 12 months

Untreated vision problems will grow more severe, you should avoid wearing contact lenses or glasses are not suitable anymore for you, because it can cause vision problems and headaches.

2. Anti-UV sunglasses
UV rays can create serious damage to eyes. Good sunglasses can prevent this. When buying sunglasses, make sure to reflect at least 98% of UV radiation.

3. Nutrition for Eyes
Next maintain eye health tips is Nutrition for Eyes. Recent studies have shown that vitamin and antioxidant group can prevent or slow the growth of cataracts and macular degeneration. Good nutrition for the body is also good for the eyes.

4. Using of sufficient light
Working with low light can cause eyestrain, but light is too bright nor good. Direction of light works best when using a computer is of a soft light table lamp from the side.

5. Rest your eyes
Almost all people feel their eyes are not so comfortable after sitting all day in front of a computer screen. This is due to eye blinks 25% less than normal, which causes the eyes to become dry. One maintain eye health tips is to close your eyes and count to 5 before opening it again. Another was turned away from the screen and focus on a distant object. Do this for a few minutes every 30 minutes.

6. Find a contact lens with good quality
Not all contact lenses are the same. There are safe for your eyes, and there is also a risk of eye damage.

7. If you wear contact lenses, treat/keep well
Contact lenses are not so troublesome, but you also can not ignore it clean. Every time you use or release your contact lenses, rinse. You also have to replace the fluid, when you put in place when you sleep at night.

9. Use a filter monitor.
Others maintain eye health tips is to reduce glare and radiation emitted by the monitor, use a glass filter monitor. Talk to your computer equipment vendor to get a good filter and is able to reduce the influence of radiation, not just dim light of the monitor.

10. Put your paper for easy reading, while at the computer.
If you have to work with a copy or read the paper, then put the paper work within a balanced with your monitor. This is so that you do not need to focus back and forth to read your paper work, after reading on the screen.

Thus the maintain eye health tips, hopefully this article can be beneficial to all. safe keeping.
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