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Prediction of Health Through Tongue | Chinese researchers have developed software (software) that can predict the state of health by analyzing the image on one's tongue. Researchers claim, these findings could be a unique step towards the prevention of a disease.

The emergence of the idea of ​​creating software for Prediction of Health Through Tongue is derived from ancient Chinese medicine is based on balance and energy flow in the body.

The research team say their software is able to classify the status of 263 patients zheng gastritis (stomach inflammation) and 48 healthy volunteers who participated in the research. Patients with gastritis were classified according to intensity of symptoms and what kind of bacteria that cause gastritis.

"Knowing your zheng classification can serve as a pre-screening and preventive treatment helped. Our software helps bridge the gap between Eastern and Western medicine. Due to an imbalance in the zheng can be a warning for you to go to the doctor,"
said Dong Xu, chairman of the division of science computer of the Faculty of Engineering, University of Missouri (MU).

"In this year, with the" Prediction of Health Through Tongue which aims are: to make an application for smartphones that will allow people to take photos of their tongue, and learn about zheng their status," said Xu.

Other studies from PubMed said that, the pattern of hot and cold in China was associated with differences in treatment track, where the protein is broken down in the body.

"Zheng hot and cold temperatures did not refer directly to the body. Instead, it refers to a set of symptoms associated with the state of the body as a whole,"
said Xu of the Bond Life Sciences Center.

"Our software is able to classify people based on their status zheng," said co-researcher, Ye Duan, professor of computer science at MU.

"We will continue to work on this software and hope to increase the ability of this tool so that eventually everyone will be able to use this tool at home by using a Webcam or applications on the smartphone. It can help to monitor the status of their zheng and get early warning about progression of the disease, "
said Ye Duan.

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